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October 2017 - CONFIDENTIAL Update

Well, that's SPOOKY! A number of you receiving this monthly report have not yet registered on StayBillety. Last call. #ComeOnIn and complete your registration to continue receiving these reports. Thanks!

September was a 'back to work' month as affiliate targets wrapped up their summer events and were more available for meetings.

We ramped up with Syracuse University, including participating in a local festival. We're participating in multiple homecoming events this weekend too. We completed an Orientation promotion campaign with Ryerson University, and were visible at the Canoe Kayak Canada National championships (incredible to see). We also made good progress with a number of affiliate prospects.


In September we launched/closed:

1. Ryerson University - renewed contract

2. Canada Snowboard - new contract / national sports organization

3. Epic Multisports (Halifax/Dartmouth, NS) launch pending

Several winter NSOs and a major University remain in the sales pipeline. I anticipate closing at least of them (a major) mid-October.


Jerrie Zhang is now working full time as business manager. Title aside, Jerrie wears as many hats as I do! She is an accountant by training and recently completed her Masters in Accounting. She has been working on StayBillety since late 2015 focused on bookkeeping, accounting and business research. She's also going to be helping with social media efforts to reach targeted audiences this Fall (particularly Chinese-Canadians).


User Registrations - Month over month % increase in registered Users (last 3 months only):

July - August >> 6%

August - September >> 2%

September - October >> 7%

Average Month over Month increase this fiscal (from Mar. 1): 5.4%

Active Listings - (Hosts may deactivate if they aren't currently offering their space)

July - August >> 3%

August - September >> -2%

September - October >> 6%

Average Month over Month increase this fiscal (from Mar. 1): 4.5%


It was a 'dry' month on the investor front, despite considerable time spent speaking/corresponding with legitimate seed investment leads. A push is on this month to move the needle. Funding difficulties are impacting the strength and effectiveness of the marketing support of existing affiliate partnerships. We need resources to properly scale; thankfully, we're creative!

Accelerators, etc.

1. Capital Angels Network (Ottawa) - [no word yet]

2. Communitech's Fierce Founders Accelerator (Waterloo) [not selected - encouraged to apply to other programs]

3. Chloe Capital Women Investor Accelerator (NY) - [not selected]

4. EyeforTravel’s Start-Up Travel Awards - [SELECTED AS PITCH FINALIST!]

5. TechStars (Toronto+) - [applying this month]

6. LA Dodgers Accelerator [still awaiting decision] - have heard they are shifting focus]

7. Golden Seeds Angel Fund (NYC) - [on hold]

8. Stadia Ventures - [future re-application]



1. Register! Become a Guest if traveling; list your space as a Host

2. Follow us on Twitter; like us on Facebook; retweet and like our posts

3. Leads/introductions for seed &/or angel investors/financing/funding sources are always welcome.

4. Spread the word to your friends, family, colleagues… encourage them to be HOSTS (check out our current 'requests'). We'll here to help set them up on the site, should they have any concerns.


Please let me know if you have any questions or if any of this message requires additional clarification.

Thanks for your continued support.



Shared Interests. Shared Roof.

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About StayBillety

Launched in March 2016 and based in Cambridge, Ontario (Waterloo Region), StayBillety is an international affordable, online accommodation service connecting like-minded guests and hosts. Celebrating community with its unique affinity-based affiliate model, StayBillety is also a social enterprise whose business supports charitable organizations. With StayBillety, guests traveling for concerts, commencements or competitions connect with enterprising hosts who share their common interests. Click here for press kit and media page. Visit StayBillety’s Facebook and follow @StayBillety #ComeOnIn