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May 2017 - CONFIDENTIAL Update

Hello to the StayBillety Stable. #ComeOnIn to our May 2017 Update.


Big News! Syracuse University (SU) signed a three-year affiliate agreement with StayBillety. Go Orange!

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They're our first U.S. affiliate and officially launch on the site in July. We're working closely with the school's Athletics Department and Alumni Relations to ensure a smooth launch. SU is already 'unofficially' resident on StayBillety. Host recruitment will ramp up during the Summer, with a 'soft launch' likely mid-June. Fall should be busy with homecoming and football season.

This agreement will be the template upon which we base future U.S. college and athletics conference agreements. Building the next phase of that 'category assault' strategy takes place next week.

Follow up continues from the 2017 Sports Events Congress. We'll be working to close the dozen affiliate contracts resulting from the March event, over the next month.

Here, once again, is our current list of active Affiliates:

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Communications - The Spring Interns are wrapping up today, and another team is forming for the Summer months. The summer intern team at radio station 105.9 "The Region" will be promoting StayBillety at over 35 events in the GTA/York Region this summer. Host recruitment is our #1 priority. Our 'Summer Sports' affiliates are kicking off communications to their membership - including promoting our partnerships - as their seasons get underway.

User Registrations - Month over month % increase in registered Users (last 3 months only):

Feb - Mar >> 21%

Mar - April >>4%

Apr - May >> 8%

Average Month over Month increase this fiscal (from Mar. 1): 5.8%

Active Listings - (Hosts may deactivate if they aren't currently offering their space)

Feb - Mar >> 13%

Mar - April >>2%

Apr - May >> 15%

Average Month over Month increase this fiscal (from Mar. 1): 8.7%


I continue pursuing investors and funding leads. Thanks to Sean B. and Linda H. for opening some doors in April. Fingers crossed our seed investor will be signed in the next two weeks.

'Cold call' work ramps up in May, specifically reaching out to targeted investors in the travel tech and sports tech space. I will be meeting with several angel/early stage VC firms in NYC this summer as follow up to meetings held in 2016.

On the 'accelerator' front, StayBillety heard back from three of the four programs mentioned in last month's report. Three of the four passed on us; we're still waiting for a decision from the LA Dodgers Accelerator. We'll be applying for several targeted accelerators in Canada and the U.S. with application deadlines in May/June.


Accounting - Our first CRA filing is going smoothly, thanks to the team at Collins Blay (CB) and the outstanding work of our Masters in Accounting intern. We're meeting with a U.S. accounting firm this month, associated with CB, to discuss best practices for establishing StayBillety USA. The primary driver for this is the SU agreement. We need to ensure all US banking and payment systems can support our growth.

I'm meeting with a possible 'tech lead' tomorrow to discuss bringing him on board to lead tech project management and development -- again, \to ensure the SU launch goes smoothly (integrating updated payment systems and processes).



1. Register! Become a Guest if traveling; list your space as a Host

2. Follow us on Twitter; like us on Facebook; retweet and like our posts

3. Leads/introductions for seed &/or angel investors/financing/funding sources are always welcome

4. Spread the word to your friends, family, colleagues… encourage them to be HOSTS (check out our current 'requests'). We'll here to help set them up on the site, should they have any concerns.


Please let me know if you have any questions or if any of this message requires additional clarification.

Thanks for your continued support.



Shared Interests. Shared Roof.

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About StayBillety

Launched in March 2016 and based in Cambridge, Ontario (Waterloo Region), StayBillety is an international affordable, online accommodation service connecting like-minded guests and hosts. Celebrating community with its unique affinity-based affiliate model, StayBillety is also a social enterprise whose business supports charitable organizations. With StayBillety, guests traveling for concerts, commencements or competitions connect with enterprising hosts who share their common interests. Click here for press kit and media page. Visit StayBillety’s Facebook and follow @StayBillety #ComeOnIn