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April 2017 - CONFIDENTIAL Update

Hello to the StayBillety Stable... here is your monthly update... #ComeOnIn.


New Affiliate Launches/Pending Affiliate Contracts: Athletics Alberta & Cycling Canada's National XCO (Mountain Bike) Championship event launched on StayBillety in March. As well, Ottawa's Rideau Canoe Club, one of Canada's premiere international paddling venues, is now 'officially' launched.

I attended the 2017 Sports Events Congress recently. StayBillety is a member of the Canadian Sports Tourism Alliance, hosts of the event. Over 400 delegates from national & provincial sports organizations (NSO, PSO), major event rights holders, destination and venue marketing groups... and those pesky hotel people, were part of the congress. I learned a lot about issues and opportunities... and have sent out 10+ new affiliate contracts resulting from conversations/meetings held at the event. It was a VERY productive conference.

GROWTH SPURT: Here is a visual snapshot of our existing affiliates and current contracts pending signature. Let's see how many of the pending contracts will move to 'signed' in April. Several additional NSOs are in the sales pipeline.

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User Update, etc.: With the new affiliate launches comes additional PR and Social Media creating awareness of our service and, more importantly, recruiting hosts. Check out our Twitter and Facebook pages for a sense of the 'influencer' efforts currently underway.

Month over month % increase in registered Users (last 5 months only):

Nov - Dec >> 19%

Dec - Jan >> 5%

Jan - Feb >> 41%

Feb - Mar >> 21%

Mar - April >>4%

Average Month over Month increase to date since launch: 21%

Business Update:

We missed out on securing the tech lead I mentioned last month. He was scooped by a Waterloo, ON digital video firm. I'm back to the drawing board once again.


StayBillety's bootstrap runway is rapidly approaching its end; I have been actively pursuing investors and leads. "It's not a deal until it's a deal" continues to be my mantra.

I'm in the process of broadening conversations beyond the handful of 'select prospects' mentioned in earlier reports, and appreciate the efforts of several of StayBillety's advisors to present the opportunity to 'fresh eyes'.

On the 'accelerator' front, StayBillety has been submitted to the following Spring/Summer business accelerators (program and decision dates vary):

1. Blue StartUps (Honolulu, HI) - travel

2. LA Dodgers Accelerator (Los Angeles, CA) - sports

3. StartFast Venture Accelerator (Syracuse, NY) - general

4. Travelport Labs Accelerator (Denver, CO) - travel

... plus two additional ones I'm considering in the sports/travel space.


Other than StayBillety's first CRA filing (deadline approaching rapidly!), there is nothing particularly new to report this month in these categories. I'm working with a team of students (in Canada and the US) on accounting, social media, PR, CRM and growth hacking.

I'm continuing as 'point person' with our offshore tech support on an 'as needed' basis. There will be some improvements coming to our content in the next couple of weeks. My focus has been, and continues to be, on building the business. I expect our content (across all platforms) will receive more of my attention beginning in May.



1. Register! Become a Guest if traveling; list your space as a Host

2. Follow us on Twitter; like us on Facebook; retweet and like our posts

3. Leads/introductions for seed &/or angel investors/financing/funding sources are always welcome - NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME!!!

4. Spread the word to your friends, family, colleagues… encourage them to be HOSTS (check out our current 'requests'). We'll here to help set them up on the site, should they have any concerns.


Please let me know if you have any questions or if any of this message requires additional clarification.

Thanks for your continued support.



Shared Interests. Shared Roof.

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About StayBillety

Launched in March 2016 and based in Cambridge, Ontario (Waterloo Region), StayBillety is an international affordable, online accommodation service connecting like-minded guests and hosts. Celebrating community with its unique affinity-based affiliate model, StayBillety is also a social enterprise whose business supports charitable organizations. With StayBillety, guests traveling for concerts, commencements or competitions connect with enterprising hosts who share their common interests. Click here for press kit and media page. Visit StayBillety’s Facebook and follow @StayBillety #ComeOnIn