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March 2017 - CONFIDENTIAL Update

Hello to the StayBillety Stable... here is your monthly update... #ComeOnIn.


Pending Affiliate Contracts: We have six pending affiliate contracts, one new one went out in February. I'm anticipating several pending contracts (US and Canada) to move to 'signed' this month. I'm bursting to tell you about them... but a deal is not a deal until it is a deal, as we all know well!


User Update, etc.: March 8th is our 1st anniversary ! We will be marking it primarily on Social Media (twitter/facebook) ... and maybe with a martini or two. Be sure to retweet and like our posts, which will also celebrate International Women's Day. #BeBoldForChange

Month over month % increase in registered Users:

Oct - Nov >> 20%

Nov - Dec >> 19%

Dec - Jan >> 5%

Jan - Feb >> 41%

Feb - Mar >> 21%

Average Month over Month increase to date: 21%

Business Update:

Our priority remains >> build the business! More affiliates, more users, more listings which leads to more bookings. It's a pretty simple formula requiring a lot of 'heavy lifting' and managing factors very much out of our control. Patience, patience.

I'm continuing conversations with a likely tech lead. He's 'passed muster' by StayBillety's Board and I'm anticipating presenting him a contract in the next two weeks.

Conversations are continuing with the investor I have been 'nurturing'. Meanwhile, we'll be reaching out to the travel investment community this month/next. There has been a great deal of activity in the space in the last year, according to CB Insights. We have a noteworthy list of targets and plan to approach a selection of them later this Spring.


Social Media and PR team continues supporting our affiliate agreements and generally 'getting the word out'. Our monthly impressions are consistently on the rise. I'll share some details of our first full year of 'awareness building' in my next monthly report.

A great deal of market research has been released recently on growth in the sharing economy. Of particular note is StatsCan's first release of data on the sector. Their study (Nov. 15-Oct. 16) shows Canadians spent almost $1.1 billion on private accommodation services both inside and outside of Canada during the survey period.

However, reflecting the challenge of recruiting hosts, a relatively small number of those surveyed indicated they list their own space on services like StayBillety. "About 69,000 adults living in Canada indicated that they had offered private accommodation services, most of whom were living in Ontario (31.1%), Quebec (26.4%) or British Columbia (25.1%)."

Good thing we have global ambitions!

I'm happy to send along other bits and pieces of data we're watching and evaluating if you would like additional information on 'the big picture'.



1. Register! Become a Guest if traveling; list your space as a Host

2. Follow us on Twitter; like us on Facebook; retweet and like our posts

3. Leads/introductions for seed &/or angel investors/financing/funding sources are always welcome

4. Spread the word to your friends, family, colleagues… encourage them to be HOSTS (check out our current 'requests'). We'll here to help set them up on the site, should they have any concerns.


Please let me know if you have any questions or if any of this message requires additional clarification.

Thanks for your continued support. Here's to a BIG Spring for StayBillety, a grand 1st Anniversary, and some luck from the Irish (I'm counting on all that Irish blood coursing through my veins!)



Shared Interests. Shared Roof.

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About StayBillety

Launched in March 2016 and based in Cambridge, Ontario (Waterloo Region), StayBillety is an international affordable, online accommodation service connecting like-minded guests and hosts. Celebrating community with its unique affinity-based affiliate model, StayBillety is also a social enterprise whose business supports charitable organizations. With StayBillety, guests traveling for concerts, commencements or competitions connect with enterprising hosts who share their common interests. Click here for press kit and media page. Visit StayBillety’s Facebook and follow @StayBillety #ComeOnIn