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StayBillety Update - October 2016 - CONFIDENTIAL

Hello StayBillety supporters! Here is your quick monthly update as autumn gently arrives...


Month over month increases in Users and revenue are solid. October booked revenue isn't pacing at the same speed, however our Growth Hackers are confident we'll see large increases in our User/Host tallies this month... which will lead to increased revenue over time.

Despite my optimism, several affiliate agreements pending at the beginning of September remain 'pending'. Exciting news is just around the corner... yes, we're keeping you in suspense until our next report!

I do have some 'unofficial' good news to share... Run Ottawa has renewed their contract with us for multiple years. We're live with them on StayBillety and they are already promoting our continued relationship on their site. Whoo hooo!

On the CAO/Co-Founder front, we should have a decision and announcement for you, on schedule, by the middle of October. I have spent substantial time with the remaining contenders and will be discussing options with the Board in our meeting tomorrow.

We're actively seeking the angel/seed round this month to:

- increase marketing (supporting the large affiliation agreements)

- bring on the tech lead for the business (the co-founder role)

- begin development of the evolution from MVP to 2.0

- have a reasonable runway for the next 12-18 months

- increase and refine affiliate and investor relations efforts


Social Media and PR team members are preparing to support the pending affiliate agreements. A lot of noise will be made supporting each announcement using traditional PR (media & influencer outreach) and social media (media & consumer targets).

We're also in pre-production for some new "ComeOnIn" video shorts to be shared on social media and posted to the StayBillety YouTube channel.

The Growth Hacking Team (every start-up should have one), as mentioned above, is building the number of StayBillety Users and Hosts in markets of specific interest to our affiliate partners. It takes a bit of lifting to convert each new Host. We have had great month/month growth in our User base; however, similar to our competition, acquiring Hosts is our ongoing 'Achilles Heel'.

Both mid-September's Westcott Street Cultural Fair and yesterday's Waterloo Region Start Up Open House event at Communitech boosted recent User registrations.

Coming up: StayBillety is part of next Tuesday's NEXT 2016 in Syracuse. If you're in the area, drop by and say hello at our both. During the conference, I'm part of a digital entrepreneurship panel from 1:50-2:50 >> What's Next: CNY Digital Media Showcase--Startups and Growth Businesses In Media And Marketing

On the product/tech side, improvements continued in September (and there are more tweaks coming in October) for both the UI/UX and admin functionality of the MVP.  


1. Register! Become a Guest if traveling; list your space as a Host

2. Follow us on Twitter; like us on Facebook; retweet and like our posts

3. Leads/introductions for seed &/or angel investors/financing/funding sources are always welcome

4. Spread the word to your friends, family, colleagues… encourage them to be HOSTS (check out our current 'requests'). We'll here to help set them up on the site, should they have any concerns.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if any of this message requires additional clarification.

Thanks for your continued support of StayBillety.



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About StayBillety

Launched in March 2016 and based in Cambridge, Ontario (Waterloo Region), StayBillety is an international affordable, online accommodation service connecting like-minded guests and hosts. Celebrating community with its unique affinity-based affiliate model, StayBillety is also a social enterprise whose business supports charitable organizations. With StayBillety, guests traveling for concerts, commencements or competitions connect with enterprising hosts who share their common interests. Click here for press kit and media page. Visit StayBillety’s Facebook and follow @StayBillety #ComeOnIn